Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

The dynamic and dedicated teaching staff has built a strong foundation of the institute. The staff is well qualified and always eager to interact with the students, making learning a delightful process. Student oriented staff is encouraged to update themselves by attending/ participating into various workshops, seminars and staff development program in the field of their interest. It assists number of students in taking up small projects that can prove beneficial to future plans.

List of Teaching Staff 

Sr. No. Staff Name Qualification Designation
1 Dr. Ganure Ashok Laxman M.Pharm Ph. D Principal
2 Mr. Sawale Jyotiram Arjun M.Pharmacy Asso. Professor
3 Miss. Tamboli Naziya Ashpak M.Pharmacy Asso. Professor
4 Mrs. Hirave Rupali Vijayrao M.Pharmacy Asso. Professor
5 Mr. Kale Sagar Shivaji M.Pharmacy Asst. Professor
6 Mr. Jokar Shashikant Pandit M.Pharmacy Asst. Professor
7 Mr. Mali Nitin Nanaso M.Pharmacy Asst. Professor
8 Mr. Garande Bharat Bhausaheb M.Pharmacy Asst. Professor
9 Mr. Doke Onkar Bharat M.Pharmacy Asst. Professor
10 Mr. Patil Meghraj Ashok M.Pharmacy Asst. Professor
11 Mr. Patil Dasrao Ashok M.Pharmacy Asst. Professor
12 Miss. Sul Dipali Sitaram M.Pharmacy Asst. Professor
13 Miss. Kale Sonali Ramkrishna M.Pharmacy Asst. Professor
14 Miss. Kharat Shubhangi Shahu M.Pharmacy Asst. Professor
15 Miss. Mane Pritee Kashinath M.Pharmacy Asst. Professor
16 Miss. Ekhatpure Vidya Vasantrao M.Pharmacy Asst. Professor
17 Miss. Awatade Sandhyarani Sambhaji M.Pharmacy Asst. Professor
18 Mr. Aldar Santosh Laxman M.Pharmacy C.H.B.
19 Mr. Shinde Tejs Janardan M.Pharmacy C.H.B.
Sr. No. Staff Name Qualification Designation
1 Dr. Ganure Ashok Laxman M.Pharm Ph. D Principal
2 Dr. Kulkarni V.I. M.Pharm Ph. D Adj.Professor
3 Dr. Nikam A. R. M.Pharm Ph. D Adj.Professor
4 Mr. Patil Manojkumar Shesherao M.Pharmacy Asso. Professor
5 Mr. Bathe Ritesh Suresh M.Pharmacy Asso. Professor
6 Mr.Tamboli Ashpak Mubarak M.Pharmacy Asst. Professor
7 Mr. More Swapnil Maruti M.Pharmacy Asst. Professor
Sr. No. Staff Name Qualification Designation
1 Dr. Ganure Ashok Laxman M.Pharm Ph. D Principal
2 Mr. Koli R. M. M.Pharmacy Lecturer
3 Mr. Gosavi Rohit Suresh M.Pharmacy Lecturer
4 Miss. Godase Swati Ramling B.Pharmacy Lecturer
5 Mr. Maneri S.J. B.Pharmacy Lecturer
6 Miss. Mangrule P. P. B.Pharmacy Lecturer
7 Miss. Gaikwad Shital Popat B.Pharmacy Lecturer
8 Mis. Pinjari A. B. B.Pharmacy Lecturer


List of Non-Teaching Staff 

Sr. No. Name Designation
 1  Mr. Gaikwad B. P.  Librarian
 2  Mr. Lokhande P.S.  O/s & Sr. Clerk
 3  Kasture A.H.  Accountant
 4  Ms Suryawanshi Y.M.  Jr. Clerk
 5  Mr. Patil P.S.  Laboratory Assistant
 6  Miss. Patil N.M.  Laboratory Assistant
 7  Mr. Ghadage V.A.  Laboratory Assistant
 8  Mr. Ingole P. P.  Laboratory Assistant
 9  Mr. Kamble S.V.  Library Assistants
 10  Mr Madake M.R.  Computer Data Operator
 11  Mr. Mundhe R.M.  Labortory Attendant
 12  Mr. Kambale S. J.  Labortory Attendant
 13  Miss. Kodag U.S.  Labortory Attendant
 14  Mr. Bhat S. V.  Labortory Attendant
 15  Mr. Gejage S. B.  Peon
 16  Mr. Shinde B.B.  Peon
 17  Mr. Misal P M  Labortory Attendant
18 Mr Gurav D V Labortory Attendant
19 Mr.Patil P.D. Labortory Attendant
20 Mr. Gaikwad R. B. Labortory Attendant
21 Mr. Gaikwad R.V. Labortory Attendant
22 Mr. Pawar B.S. Peon
23 Mr. Pol A. T. Peon
24 Mr Bhingarde S C Labortory Attendant
25 Mr Sonar A L Peon
26 Mrs. Pawar S. S. Labortory Attendant
27 Mr. Bansode G. B. Labortory Attendant
28 Mr. Adlinge A. A. Labortory Attendant
29 Miss. Kumbhar S. M. Labortory Attendant